What is the difference between your agency and a police station?

Fingerprints based criminal record checks in Canada can only be searched by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and the Police Certificate or Police Clearance will be issued by RCMP directly. Local police stations do not issue such a certificate. As an RCMP accredited agency, our role is same as local police stations, we capture your fingerprints electronically and submit them to the RCMP directly, and RCMP will process your fingerprints application.

Therefore, whether your fingerprints are captured by us or Edmonton Police Service, you or your designated agency will receive exactly same Police Certificate/Clearance report from RCMP.

However, we do not provide Vulnerable Sector Police Information Check, and it can only be done at a local police station. Because a Vulnerable Sector Police Information Check will also include a check of local police records to determine the existence of a pattern of behavior that may result in harm to vulnerable persons.