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If you’re able to visit our fingerprinting offices in Edmonton, we can provide a wide range of services – from RCMP fingerprints, criminal record checks to passport photos. Click the link to find out more. [Learn More]


International Services

If you’re outside Canada, our international fingerprinting services are perfect for acquiring RCMP certified criminal record checks through the use of our digitized fingerprint services. [Learn More]

Our Fingerprinting Services in Canada

Searching for “fingerprinting services near me?” At Edmonton Fingerprinting Services, we offer quick, accurate, and accredited services for people at home and abroad.

Our services


Digital fingerprinting services allow people living in Canada to acquire certified criminal record check results from RCMP. Edmonton Fingerprinting Services will capture your fingerprints electronically and submit them on your behalf to the RCMP directly via a secure link. RCMP processing time could be as little as 72 hours. [Learn More]


Ink and roll fingerprints are used for foreign police checks. Whether you require FBI checks in the U.S. or criminal record checks in countries or regions such as the Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, Iran, Hong Kong, etc, we can help. You may also be required to submit traditional ink fingerprints for enhanced security screening in Canada. [Learn More]


We use certified printers and a state-of-the-art Live Scan machine to take accurate fingerprints and transfer them to standard RCMP C216 forms or FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards. Fully certified by the relevant authorities, we are an RCMP-accredited fingerprint company in Alberta that guarantees accuracy and speedy service. [Learn More]


Let us digitize your ink fingerprints and send them to RCMP electronically for an official certified criminal record check—wherever in the world you happen to be. As an RCMP-accredited fingerprinting agency, we can ensure you follow the correct procedures to get your RCMP certificate without delay. See application forms and instructions [Learn More]


We provide criminal record checks in Alberta—and remotely for people in countries around the world. Criminal record check also referred to as police clearances, criminal background checks, criminal checks, police checks, police certificates or CPIC checks, are processed through the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) based on your name and date of birth. [Learn More]


If you want to make sure that your preferred candidates have been truthful during the recruitment process, our pre-employment screening services have got you covered. We perform a comprehensive background check to verify a candidate’s employment history and credentials and operate stringent pre-employment checks that include a selection of detailed verification processes. [Learn More]

What else do we provide?


We have been appointed by the Government of Alberta -The Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General to administer the Oaths, Affidavits, Declarations or Affirmations, Witness of Signatures, Change of Name Application, Professional Association Applications, and any other document that requires a signature from a Commissioner for Oaths. [Learn More]


We comply with the Canadian government’s and other countries' strict guidelines to ensure passport photos and photos of IDs and visas are accurate and high-quality. Our state-of-the-art photography technology ensures total compliance with application requirements. In the photo doesn’t comply, we will retake it again. [Learn More]


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About Us

Located in Alberta, Canada, Edmonton Fingerprinting Services is accredited by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CRRTIS)—a branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). We are authorized to take fingerprints in order to obtain a certified criminal record from the RCMP. As a leading Canadian fingerprinting agency, our clients rely on us for a range of services. We specialize in providing fingerprint services for obtaining police clearances from the RCMP and foreign countries, as well as conducting CPIC Criminal History Checks.

Happy clients

Whether we’re providing passport photos in Alberta or fingerprinting services for clients in Canada or abroad, we’re committed to delivering the highest service levels. That’s why we’re one of the most highly-rated RCMP fingerprinting agencies in Alberta, Canada.
06:17 16 Mar 23
Booked an appointment on line for 4.40pm and got late cause I did not change the time in my car. called at 4.40 to confirm that I could still come in 10 minutes. The Lady ( I feel sorry, forgot to get name ) responded very polity that its OK I can still come. So I went and every thing was done in 10 minutes in a respectable and professional way. would strongly recommend this place.
Delphene SimsDelphene Sims
16:36 23 Feb 23
So fast and so accommodating! Thank you so much Lu! I felt so heard and she understood exactly what I needed. A big weight off my shoulders. Amazing company and service .
18:46 15 Feb 23
They provide with the best service. They even helped me with everything for my legal name change. She answered all my queries woth a smile. I am giving 5 ⭐️ stars for being so patient and kind.
inderjeet singhinderjeet singh
22:12 30 Dec 22
Very fast service. Ester is very polite and professional. My appointment was at 11:00 a.m and i was out at 11:20 a.m. there was no line up or waiting. I highly reccommend this place.
Warren NoronhaWarren Noronha
17:05 30 Dec 22
Staff was professional. Excellent customer service. Did not have to wait at all. Would recommend people to go here for immigration, name change purposes
Cicily DuCicily Du
00:04 22 Dec 22
We were the last appointment of the day, but Ester was still extremely patient, friendly, and helpful. Excellent service. Very convenient location as well.
Amanda BoychukAmanda Boychuk
20:03 13 Dec 22
Very professional business. The lady who assisted me was very kind and explained the processes in full. She was also very encouraging for the reason I needed my fingerprinting completed. I will for sure refer friends and family to this location.
Pardeep KJ SandhuPardeep KJ Sandhu
22:30 09 Dec 22
So far, I have used services 3 times and always on time.. no delays. Great customer service and provide all the information required.Thank you, Ester, for the great customer service today and going beyond and above to provide my information, which I needed further processing.
Priyanvada GuptaPriyanvada Gupta
00:01 24 Nov 22
Great service by Ester. She explained the whole process and made the experience fast and easy. Thanks!
Erikson CorpuzErikson Corpuz
22:08 10 Nov 22
Very accomodating, friendly and helpful. Ester was the one who helped me, great service. I highly recommend this place.
Gagandeep SinghGagandeep Singh
21:44 26 Oct 22
I went to Edmonton fingerprinting services at south side. Ester was serving me, she did her best to make me understand all the questions I have regarding my fingerprints. Excellent service, I would definitely recommend anyone to go to this place.
19:41 02 Sep 22
Ester helped me today and she was very nice and friendly. She was very fast and efficient too. Definitely try this place! They do a lot of services
Darek KDarek K
19:17 02 Mar 23
Excellent service! Our family needed visa pictures taken, which have to comply with strict immigration document requirements. The friendly staff was knowledgable and efficient. They answered our questions, used professional equipment to prepare our pictures, and had us happily on our way in no time. Edmonton Fingerprinting Services does a lot more than fingerprinting – highly recommended.
Ama LettsAma Letts
01:42 14 Dec 22
I was able to book an appointment same-day. The process was quick and the clerk had expert knowledge. I would send friends here on recommendation.
Cathrisse BadiangCathrisse Badiang
18:31 08 Dec 22
Very knowledgeable about her job and very professional in dealing with client’s. Thanks for.the fast and excellent service!
Just MeJust Me
12:15 01 Dec 22
I was here a week ago and the girl who assisted me for my needs was very helpful and nice. Highly recommended place.
From beginning to end, my experience was very positive. They were supportive and impeccably professional, which put my heart at ease. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Edmonton Fingerprinting Services. My sincere thanks to the whole team in making the process as fast – and virtually stress-free – as they have, especially Sheila. 😊
Katie SampsonKatie Sampson
17:58 13 Sep 22
Edmonton Fingerprinting Services are fast and reliable. They got me in right away and were very professional and friendly. I would recommend their services if you need anything done. 🙂
Zahra RashidZahra Rashid
03:50 27 Aug 22
This is my second time going there and every time I have gone I got the best service. The ladies there are so polite and very helpful. They explain everything and the whole appointment is quick. Within 15 mins you are in and out. I highly recommend this place.
Tim YounkerTim Younker
16:34 10 Jun 22
I highly recommend Edmonton Fingerprinting Services. They are extremely professional and competent. They were quick to respond to my many emails and questions. We are really grateful for the speed and efficiency in which they work. We will definitely use them in the future for any future needs that we may have.
Luke KLuke K
04:35 21 Jan 18
Andrew was a great help! Very professional and straight forward about any questions or concerns you may have. Would recommend his services any day, definitely very happy with his level of professionalism and service.A bit of a hassle to get in the building. You can to call his office and have him come down to open the door. Aside from that, once you get there it is a clean and well laid out office. His opening hours on the weekend were great for us. He is also VERY fair with his pricing for the service he offers. He may not be the cheapest, but cheapest doesn’t always mean best either. You really want someone competent on your file, so paying the extra 15% is well worth it. He isn’t over priced, he’s just above the lowest in Edmonton.Highly recommend this office and ya services offered.

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