In order to reduce waiting time, appointments are preferred. Walk-in service is available during weekdays, but we may not be able to complete your requests at any time due to staff availability or other commitments. Please note that we take appointments only on Saturdays. Priorities are given to scheduled appointments, therefore we have to make sure clients with appointments can be completed as scheduled before taking walk-in clients when there is a time conflict.

If you are booking fingerprinting for a group of people, or if you need mobile fingerprinting service, please call our office to schedule the appointment.

For scheduled appointments:

  • Please come to our office 5 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork..
  • If you are late more than 5 minutes, you visit may be considered as walk-in, which will have to wait until next scheduled appointments are completed. If your appointment is on Saturday and you are late more than 5 minutes, we may not be able to reschedule you on the same day.
  • If you need to change your scheduled appointment, please make the change at least 12 hours before your appointment.


If you are not sure which service to choose, just click the button and we will guide you through.

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