Commissioner For Oaths

Ensure Legal Compliance with a Commissioner for Oaths

A Commissioner of Oaths administers legal oaths and takes/attests affidavits, affirmations, and declarations. In practice, this involves signing each document before stamping it with an official stamp.

At Edmonton Fingerprinting Services, we have developed a tried-and-tested process for ensuring sworn affidavits and statutory declarations are administered according to Canadian law. If you need our expert help, make an appointment online or get in touch for more details.


What Is a Commissioner for Oaths?

A commissioner for oaths is an individual – authorized by the Province of Alberta – who takes an oath when someone signs a statutory declaration or affidavit. Commissioners for Oaths are appointed according to the Notaries and Commissioners Act. The oath doesn’t prove or disprove the statement; it merely shows that the correct procedure took place when the affidavit was created and signed.

Commissioners for Oaths in Alberta are authorized to administer Affirmations and Solemn Declarations, too. Appointed by the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General, Commissioners for Oaths perform an administrative task, and in no way testify as to the voracity of the statements they witness.

What Is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a sworn statement contained within a legal document. These documents must be verified by the oath of affirmation of the person making the statement.

What Is a Statutory Declaration?

A statutory declaration is a sworn statement contained within a document that is verified by the solemn declaration of the individual making the statement. This mechanism of verification is used when the legislative authority for an affidavit is absent.

Note: Commissioners of oaths in no way comment on or verify the truthfulness of a statement. Their job is to demonstrate the statement was obtained, delivered, and recorded according to Canadian law.

What Can Commissioners of Oaths Do?

Commissioners of Oaths in Canada can administer oaths, affidavits, and solemn declarations for a wide range of purposes:

  • Witness of Signatures
  • Change of Name Application
  • Common-Law Union Statutory Declaration
  • Single Status Declaration
  • Land Title Transfer
  • Commission of Forms & Declarations
  • Passport or Travel Document Statutory Declarations
  • Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Professional accountant’s applications for membership
  • Real Estate Application for License and Registration
  • Any other documents that need signatures from a Commissioner for Oaths

How to Book a Commissioner of Oaths Service

Here at Edmonton Fingerprinting, we work hard to ensure the process is fast, smooth, and straightforward. If you need us to provide a Commissioner of Oaths in Canada, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Complete the document yourself — you will be responsible for the contents of the document.
  • If a witness is required, you must provide your own witness with their own picture ID.
  • Do not sign the document and leave the signature field blank.
  • Book an appointment by online booking, phone, or email
  • Provide a valid picture ID.
  • If a witness is required, you must provide your own witness with their own picture ID.
  • Please contact us for our detailed Commissioner for Oaths Service Policy

Why Choose Us for a Commissioner of Oaths Service

We do everything we can to ensure our Commissioners of Oaths make the process quick, straightforward, and legally watertight. We understand just how important this role is, so we have developed a stringent process that leaves nothing to chance.

When you choose Edmonton Fingerprinting, you’re guaranteed:

  • Preparatory advice on what to do and provide us
  • Our expert advice and expertise
  • A thorough verification and administrative process
  • The services of a certified Commissioner for Oaths in Alberta
  • Our customer service guarantee

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