Alberta Legal Name Change

Important Update: Name Change Process in Alberta

Effective 2022, Alberta has updated the guidelines for legally changing your name. Here are the key details:

Requirements for Fingerprint Report:

  • Age 12 and Older: Every person who is 12 years old or older and legally changing their name must provide an Electronic Fingerprint Report. This report should be attached to the name change application.

Requirements for Criminal Record Check (CRC) / Police Information Check (PIC):

  • Age 18 and Older: Every person who is 18 years old or older and legally changing their name must provide a Criminal Record Check (CRC) or Police Information Check (PIC).

In 2022, Alberta introduced a more streamlined process with the Certified Criminal Record Check (Certified CRC) for name change applications. This is a fingerprint-based check. Here’s what has changed:

  • When providing a Certified CRC, an Electronic Fingerprint Report is not required since the Certified CRC already includes fingerprint verification.

Applicants can consider the following options:

  1. Electronic Fingerprint Report + Police Information Check Result (additional fee from local police agency)
  2. Certified Criminal Record Check (one payment – includes both Fingerprint Verification and Certified CRC)

We recommend Option 2, the Certified Criminal Record Check, as it simplifies the process and reduces the number of documents needed, also has a lower cost in general.

Special Note:

  • The criminal record check must be submitted with the name change application within 30 days of being issued. Ensure that the application process is started at a registry agent office within this timeframe to avoid any delays.

Additional Information:

The RCMP releases the Certified Criminal Record Check result using the new name. We will provide a cover letter to confirm the spelling of the current name. Applicants should hand both the cover letter (provided by our agent) and the Certified Criminal Record Check result (released by RCMP) to the registry for the name change application.

Services Provided by Edmonton Fingerprinting Services:

Edmonton Fingerprinting Services is an RCMP-accredited fingerprinting agency. We offer comprehensive services to meet the requirements of the Alberta name change application, including fingerprinting, criminal record checks, and Commissioner for Oaths (affidavits) services. We strive to provide efficient and professional services to facilitate your name change process.